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About Us

Our company has been active since 2012 in the field of sales of technological and information material, software and programs.

Our products and services cover the whole world of Informatics and Technology: Computers, Peripherals, Mobile Telephony, Fixed Telephony, Gadgets and smart items of general interest.

At the same time, we respect our customer and see him as a partner.  That is why we are constantly updated and adopt the most revolutionary technological solutions in the field of energy.  our products  All the products included in our store are selected based on the quality of construction and the savings they offer. We check the quality of the products we offer before choosing them.

We prefer to choose a product made in Greece and if such a thing is not offered, we choose quality imported products.   In our store you will not find the cheap energy consuming products that exist in a great variety in the Greek market and with their use they prove to be more expensive than the most expensive product in their category. You will find products that work with quality with our maximum guarantee.

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