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Shipping & Delivery

Shipments and deliveries of orders are made using postal services depending on the location of the recipient's address. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of ordering. Whenever cash on delivery service is available, it is charged extra and added to the shipping cost. Delivery time, depending on item availability, is 3-5 working days. Indicative minimum shipping costs are € 3 inside Attica and € 5 outside Attica. Payment by cash on delivery charges the shipping cost of 2 €.

Special care is recommended when you receive your order. Check carefully if the delivered items are the ones you ordered, that they are sealed on their packaging and that the packaging is not damaged. If any of the above does not happen, do not pick up your order and ask for an immediate refund.

Personal Data & Security

A requirement for any of your transactions with our store is that you disclose some of your personal information. When you place an order we will ask for your name, the address to which we will send your order, a contact phone number and your e-mail address.

This information will not be disclosed in any way, will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, unless requested to do so by a public authority (court, etc.). Sensitive data is DELETED periodically from our database after the completion of your order, thus ensuring even greater security.

Returns & Replacements You can return the items you bought from our store with a full refund of your money without any obligation to tell us the reason for your withdrawal, before the expiration of 5 working days from the day you received your order. In this case you will be charged only with the shipping and return costs of your order. If you purchased a promotional package, you must return the full package (all items in the package) to its original condition. Refunds will be made for the entire package. To receive a refund, all items must be stamped on the packaging and in the condition they were in when you received them and must be accompanied by the invoice or proof of purchase. To avoid inconvenience, please carefully check the items you purchased at the time of receipt, for any item errors, and the packaging which must be inviolable and in good condition. Items must be returned to the address listed on the package in the "Shipper" area. When you return the items you bought and depending on the payment and shipping method you chose for your order, the money will be refunded 1 - 5 working days after receiving the returned items from us. All items come with a manufacturer's warranty which can be extended by us. If there is a malfunction in any item you bought from our store, then, after making sure that the malfunction is covered by the product warranty, pack it carefully and send it to our store address accompanied by the invoice or proof of purchase. The item will be inspected by us, replaced or repaired at your own expense and sent to your address. In this case you will be charged with the shipping costs of shipping and receiving the product.

Orders The processing of orders starts as soon as their payment is confirmed by our system. Delivery time is described in the section "Shipping & Delivery". Orders can be checked from the "MY ORDERS" link on the "ACCOUNT" page. If an item or promotional package is not available when you place your order, then you will be notified accordingly and either the item will be kept as a "pending order" to be shipped later when it is available, or a partial cancellation of your order will be made, depending of your choice. There will be a refund corresponding to the canceled line of your order.

Payments, Prices & Promotions

Our store offers the following payment methods: Credit card: We accept visa and mastercard. If you wish to use this method, you will need to provide a valid credit card number, holder name, expiration date and validation number (cvv). The credit card payment method is secure and encrypted. Credit card data is not stored in our database. Your credit card details are DELETED as soon as your payment is certified and your order starts processing. Paypal: This method requires you to have a paypal account. You will be redirected to your paypal account to complete the payment. Once the payment is completed you will be directed back to our site to continue your shopping. Cash on delivery: This method is valid only for Greece and only if it is provided by the shipping method selected. With this method you pay upon receipt of the items. Only cash is accepted with this method, so you must make sure you have the exact amount at your disposal when you wait for your order to be delivered. This method has an additional charge that is added to the shipping cost. Bank deposit: With this method you pay by depositing the price in a bank account. Once you have completed the deposit, send an email to, writing the order number in the subject ("payment for the order with the number <your order number>"). Then scan the deposit receipt and attach it to the email. Once your deposit is certified by our accounting department, the processing of your order will begin. Make a deposit to one of the following accounts. Everyone has the name of the beneficiary "KONTODIMOS DIMITRIOS".






GR19 0110 3330 0000 3336 1447 726



GR64 0172 1060 0051 0605 8412 326



GR29 0260 0130 0008 2020 0982 618


Please note that all payment methods except bank deposit have an additional charge. Payment, regardless of the method used, must be certified before order processing can begin. Orders that have not been paid, or have not been certified, are canceled after 10 working days, after being informed by an email to the email address you entered in your order. From time to time, promotions are carried out by our store, either in the form of promotional packages, which are 2 or more items together in the form of a package at a special price, or as discounts of limited duration. When you make your purchases, check the promotions before placing your order, so that you can take advantage of them. For example, if you buy a product that is in a promotional package if someone buys 2, you may want to take advantage of it. Item prices include VAT.

Item prices are subject to change or promotions can be terminated without notice. Item prices or promotional packages contained in an order are not affected.

Check & Cancel Orders

You can check your orders by logging in to your account from the "MY ORDERS" link. From this screen you can check or print your orders, or re-order, ie create a new order which is a copy of the one you see.

You can cancel an order you placed, in whole or in part, without having to state the reason why you are canceling it, by sending an email to writing in the subject "Order cancellation <the number of your order>". In the body of the message clearly explain if you want total or partial cancellation, and in the case of partial, write the types of order you want to cancel.

Order cancellation can be done at any time from its creation until the start of its shipment. Once the order items have been shipped, no cancellation can be made. In this case you can return the items upon receipt.

There will be a full refund for items you canceled.

Update of personal information Your account information is stored in our database and consists of your full name, email, billing and shipping address, your phone, as well as the orders you have placed, the items you have purchased, etc. The information of your account can be changed by you at any time by logging in to your account and taking the appropriate options from the menu on the left of the screen.

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